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I just wanted to be sure of this.

We just upgraded to Manual version 7.2.5. As part of the upgrade we had planned to look at these pre-built templated pages: Manual Digital Agency (Elementor) New, Classic Corporate (Elementor) and Manual Online Service (Editor).

We believed that when we upgraded to 7.2.5 that these places would be in the Pages location in WordPress as Drafts – and they would be available to customise as we please. This was the target goal as we didn’t want to have to build them from scratch.

However, if I am reading it correctly, you say they are only available as a new “Demo” and if we import them, the following site settings will be affected:

1. “Appearance > Menu”.
2. “Appearance > Widget”
3. “Manual Options” settings will be overwritten.
4. Sometimes there are also possibilities of having duplicate posts if the same demo got imported multiple times.

If I am reading correctly and we import a new set of Demo pages (such as Classic Corporate – Elementor), we are risking the current design of our website with this import?

If so, is that not a bad user experience for people who previously had the Manual theme. As that means any new pages/demos that are released, we don’t get the advantage of them as they will override our site settings.

We love the new templated pages. And would like to use them with a bit of customisation. Is there any way of importing those templates without affecting the current design or resetting the settings of our whole site?