Hide records with “Allow access only for login users” enabled in the tree.

  • KENT
    5 months ago #4738

    Hi, thank you for your ongoing support!

    Currently, when “Allow access only for login users” is turned on in “Documentation Article Access Control,” the corresponding Documentation record is displayed in the tree.
    When clicked, it shows the login screen.
    Consequently, the titles are visible to users who are not logged in.

    I would like the titles to be displayed in the tree only for logged-in users. Is it possible to achieve this behavior?

    5 months ago #4740

    Right now, the tree view can’t hide titles, but… We’ve put your request on our list of things to work on.


    5 months ago #4741

    Thank you for adding it to the feature list! Looking forward to the addition of this feature.

    Thank you!

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