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  • NiallBreenIntact
    1 year, 1 month ago #4210


    Is it possible to add a button onto a page that allows users to go back to the previous page they were on?

    For example we have a documentation page set up, which has 12 seperate boxes containing different categories. If they click on “Sales” it brings them to a seperate landing page with a treeview set up of all articles under the sales heading, but currently if they wanted to go back to the documentation page they’d have to click the back arrow on their browser.

    Is there anything like this we can add in? I hope that makes sense.


    1 year, 1 month ago #4212

    If our understanding is correct, the ‘Next Previous Link’ feature for the documentation is already accessible. You simply need to navigate to ‘Manual Options > Single/Category Page’ where you will find the ‘Next Previous Link’ section. From there, you can activate the feature.

    Please keep in mind that the ‘Next Previous Link’ functionality for navigating between categories is currently unavailable, particularly when users land on a specific category and navigate through its pages


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