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  • Planetbo
    6 months ago #4742

    Hi, there, I am using the Manual original theme and I was trying to allow commenting on knowledgebase pages but failed.

    I have done the following steps:

    1. theme options – knowledgebase – single page – allow comments on
    2. for each single knowledgebase page, the “allow comments” box is also checked.

    I’ve tried this many times and on many pages. But the comment box just won’t show up. Please help.


    6 months ago #4743

    The steps you followed are accurate. However, in some cases, if the site/browser is cached, the results may not be displayed. Please ensure to clear the cache, especially if you have applied any cache plugin, and check the results again. If issues persist, kindly repost your query on our private support desk at, providing your site access details. This will allow our technical team to investigate the issue more thoroughly.


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