Knowledge Base Box Sizing and Alignment

  • NiallBreenIntact
    1 year ago #4203


    I wanted to let you know that I am currently utilizing Elementor to revamp certain sections of our website. Specifically, for one of the sections on our page, we are incorporating the Knowledge Base widget from the sidebar by dragging it onto the desired location.

    Here are the settings I have applied:

    Display Type: FitRows
    Columns: 3 Columns (Full Width)
    Number of Articles Under Category: 5

    I am content with the content being pulled in by the widget. However, we have observed that the varying lengths of the articles within the boxes are causing them to appear uneven compared to the rest of the boxes.

    I am striving to design the page in a manner similar to the pre-built templates you have provided.

    Is there a solution available that would allow us to align all the boxes so that they have the same shape and size?

    Thank you, Niall

    1 year ago #4204

    Could you kindly share the URL of the site with us? This will enable us to assess all the issues you’re facing and provide you with the necessary solutions.


    1 year ago #4205

    The site is gated, and plus we are redesigning this page on our staging site so we can’t necessarily share a site URL.

    We have included all of the details in the above message.

    Is there anywhere I can attach a screenshot or can you contact me directly?


    1 year ago #4206

    Kindly utilize our private support desk at to initiate a private conversation.


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