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  • epikur6512
    1 year ago #4586

    I have a mix of languages. Checked already .po and .mo files. Correct translations are in there but not shown in frontend. Tried to sync with Loco Translate – no effect. Please help.


    1 year ago #4587

    Could you kindly attempt the following steps once

    • On the Loco Translate page, you will see a list of installed plugins and themes. Locate “bbPress” in the list and click on it.
    • If there are no existing translations, click on the “New Language” button. Otherwise, click on the language you want to translate into.
    • Select the desired language from the list of available languages and click on the “Start Translating” button.
    • You will be directed to the translation editor. Here, you’ll see a list of translatable strings on the left and their corresponding translation fields on the right.
    • To translate a string, simply click on it in the list, and the translation field will become editable. Enter the translated text in the corresponding field.
    • Once you’ve finished translating a string, click on the “Save” button to save your changes.
    • Repeat steps 7 and 8 for all the strings you want to translate.
    • After translating all the desired strings, you can click on the “Sync” button to synchronize the translations with the plugin files.
    • That’s it! The bbPress plugin should now be translated into your desired language.

    Remember to keep the Loco Translate plugin active to ensure that your translations remain functional even after plugin updates.

    1 year ago #4588

    Thank you. But as I already wrote: the German translations are there, and I synced them already. All strings are translated but do not show up.

    How can I provide an admin access to you?


    1 year ago #4589

    One of our team members from the technical support department will review your open private ticket and offer the necessary solutions through the same platform.


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