Problem with Table of Content

  • lukasz
    2 years, 2 months ago #3317

    Hi, in the documentation mode, the table od content appears at the beginning of the article, not on the right side as the right sidebar. What do I have to do to make the layout look like on your Manual documentation website? This is a screenshot, what I have now when I enable TOC:
    So I want to have lauout as:
    tree – article – table of content.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    2 years, 2 months ago #3328

    Please follow the below steps;

    1. Go to “Manual Options > Documentation > Single/Category Page” and DISABLE “Table Of Content”.
    2. Go to “Appearance > Widgets” and drag and drop widget “Manual – TOC” to the section “Documentation Sidebar”.


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