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  • Sylvia
    2 years ago #3647

    Why isn’t there an option to search within the manual documentation? That makes no sense for a documentation, in my opinion. Please add a search bar to the whole page, so the manual is searchable.
    Edit: Well, I found, that the searchbar within the forum also tracks the site, so maybe make this clear? When I look within the documentation and there is no option to search, I would look into the forum for that :/
    (Looking for targeted link … can’t find an answer)

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    1 year, 11 months ago #3719

    Hi Sylvia,

    Manual has an option to search content within the documentation you just have to activate “post_type == documentation” to target your search for the documentation area.

    If you are planning to add a search bar, then it can be placed inside the main menu, on the sidebar, on the ‘page title bar’, or, on the home page.

    Please check out this video:


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